The Complete How To Guide On Becoming a Tattoo Studio Owner in Florida


We all have dreams that we would like to pursue ever since we knew dreams existed. At times, we decided to take the adult path of denying ourselves crucial parts of our identity, just to make sure we stay afloat with today’s economy. If you’ve ever wondered about having a career in art, you may have possibly come across the thought of becoming a Tattoo Artist, perhaps as far as becoming a tattoo studio owner in Florida

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a Tattoo Artist in the state of Florida, then you should learn about the necessary steps to take to be a Tattoo Artist in Florida in our article published earlier this year: How to Become a Tattoo Artist in Florida? – Body Art & Soul Tattoos: Tattoo Apprenticeships (

Now that you know how to become a Tattoo Artist, you can continue your research toward owning a studio of your own. As a part of your tattoo apprenticeships at Body Art & Soul Tattoos, you will learn some business and administration skills. Those insights are very useful if you want to run your own tattoo business. Being a Tattoo Artist is one of the most responsible occupations, however, being a tattoo studio owner could be even more challenging but it is one hundred percent worth it! 

Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Tattoo Studio? tattoo studio owner in florida

Running a tattoo studio requires being well organized, hardworking, and having management and teamwork skills. Opening your own business in any industry requires lots and lots of learning, passing exams, saving money, and working hard! The tattoo industry can be unpredictable and challenging; yet, we know that all the effort will be rewarded in the long run. 

Being a Tattoo Artist and a tattoo studio owner can very profitable! In 2022 Tattoo Artists’ incomes are comparable to lawyers’ and other six-figure earning professions. 

Want to learn all about how to become a Tattoo Artist? Apply for the apprenticeship program at our Tattoo School! Find a tattoo apprenticeship near me 

You should be knowledgeable and experienced in the tattoo business and as Tattoo Artist before opening your own studio. Also, you need to understand the Tattoo Establishment Licensure Requirements before becoming an owner. These will vary from state, however, this specific guideline includes local laws and requirements for Florida tattoo shops. 

According To The State Of Florida Government Website, The Basic Rules And Laws For Becoming a Tattoo Studio Owner in Florida Include:

  • A person may not operate a Tattoo Establishment in this state without a license. To get a tattoo license in Florida you need to pass the Pathogen Spreading Prevention course and exam, the First Aid course, complete a tattoo school course, and a tattoo apprenticeship in an established tattoo studio. Getting a degree in art school is optional. 
  • Effective January 1, 2013; any person operating an unlicensed tattoo establishment will be subject to administrative penalties. A person tattooing without a tattoo license valid in Florida or with an expired tattoo license is in charge of legal consequences. 
  • Florida prohibits tattooing minors under the age of 16 years old. Tattooing minors between the age of 16 and 18 years old is allowed only with a written consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian. 

The Licensure Of A Tattoo Establishment Requires Submission Of The Following Items. Future Tattoo Studio Owner In Florida Has To:

  1. Complete the Application form for Tattoo Establishment License($200)
  2. Pass inspection in compliance with sections 381.00771 – 381.00791, Florida Statutes, “The Practice of Tattooing” and Chapter 64E-28, Florida Administrative Code.
  3. Register your business name with the Florida Department of State.
  4. Contact the city or county for the potential need for a business tax receipt.
  5. Complete Biomedical Waste Permit ($85)
  6. Submit all forms/fees to the County Health Department where the business is located
  7. Paying for Insurance policy-($55-$75 per month in the USA)

Our Guide for Tattoo Establishment Operational Requirements is made to assist tattoo studio owners to understand what the operational requirements for a tattoo establishment are to pass an inspection in compliance with sections 381.00771 – 381.00791, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 64E-28, Florida Administrative Code.

tattoo studio owner in florida

The Center For Diseases Control And Florida Health Department Regulation For Sterilization And Sanitization Of Tattoo Equipment, Work Area, And Surfaces Requires:

  • A light that is at a minimum of 100-foot candles must be provided at the tattoo work area.
  • Provide a copy of the spore test results self-sterilized for the instruments you are using for tattooing at the tattoo studio. An independent lab conducts this test and it has to be valid for the most recent quarter. Each sterile package must be labeled with the date of autoclaving. 
  • All surface disinfectants must be registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as tuberculocidal disinfectants.
  • If only individually packaged, pre-sterilized, single-use items are used, the items must be labeled with an expiration date and the method of sterilization
  • Every Tattoo Artist has to have unlimited access to a sink with running water for handwashing.
  • Every Tattoo Artist has to have enough disposable rubber gloves and appropriate hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant.
  • Both verbal and written tattoo aftercare instructions must be provided to each customer.

tattoo studio owner in floridaRunning Your Own Tattoo Business Requires Compliance With More Rules Than Just Government Regulations. The Tattoo Studio Owner’s Responsibilities Outside The State Health Department’s Requirements Include: 

  • Controlling tattoo studio employees – checking Tattoo Artists’ licenses, required documentation’s expiration dates, checking Tattoo Artists’ vaccination records required by state or county health departments or the Center for Diseases Control. 
  • Examination of tattoo studio employees’ knowledge of safety rules, sanitization, and tattooing skills
  • Human resources management, being a team leader and a supervisor
  • Controlling safety conditions, providing necessary tattoo equipment and personal protective equipment
  • Dealing with clients, setting tattoo sessions appointments 
  • Supporting the sales of additional products and services
  • Dealing with receipts, staff salaries, bookkeeping, and accounting 

What Is The Basic Tattoo Studio Equipment Required To Open A Tattoo Business In Florida?

The Tattoo Shop’s Equipment For Beginners In Florida Includes:

  • Appropriate furniture such as comfortable chairs for Tattoo Artists. A Tattoo Artist’s fatigue and inconvenience can influence a tattoo’s quality so a proper chair for long sessions is crucial. Tables with smooth surface tops are also needed.
  • Disposable rubber gloves, and disposable single-use razors.
  • Stencils, inks, disposable needles, and tubes.
  • Computer/Tablet, stencil printer, and graphic software.
  • Autoclaves and other sanitization equipment for piercing tools and non-disposable tattoo equipment. 

Temporary And Mobile Tattoo Establishmentstattoo studio owner in florida

Tattoo Artists sometimes offer their services outside the tattoo studios. They can tattoo in guest spots, during music festivals, and other cultural events. The Florida government health department published laws and rules for temporary and portable tattoo spots as well. 

Temporary Tattoo Event Or Convention – Basic And General Rules

If you are setting up a Temporary Tattoo Establishment, it must meet the same operational requirements of a tattoo establishment, including hand sinks and running water supply, as well as the requirements of Chapter 64E-28, Florida Administrative Code.

Temporary establishment licenses are issued in conjunction with a convention or other event and cannot exceed fourteen consecutive days.

A Tattoo Establishment Owner Offering Tattoos at Festivals or Conventions in Florida Must Complete these Requirements Before the Event:

  1. Applying for a Temporary Tattoo Establishment License and Biomedical Waste Generator Permit from the appropriate County Health Department at least 30 days before the event. Display your temporary tattoo establishment license in a visible location during the event. If you are performing body piercing or other body modifications during the event, you must have additional permits from the Florida health department.
  2. You must ensure that all employees tattooing clients at the event have Tattoo Artists or registered guest Tattoo Artists in the state of Florida because they have to display their valid licenses in the work area. 
  3. Ensuring all Tattoo Artists performing tattoos at the event passed pathogen prevention and first aid courses.
  4. If you are using portable sinks, you have to provide a water supply and waste disposal that is valid by the State of Florida. (Only allowed at a temporary event.). Provided hand sinks have to comply with  Rule 64E-28.007 (11), Florida Administrative Code, with unobstructed access, which shall be located within each tattoo area or centrally located within the overall workroom area so that each Tattoo Artist has unlimited access to the hand sink for handwashing.
  5. Providing all required personal protective equipment for Tattoo Artists and clients. For instance: disposable gloves, disposable needles, and disinfection fluids. 
  6. A light that is at a minimum of 100-foot candles must be provided at the tattoo work area during the event. 
  7. Ensuring that the work area is located at a safe distance from the food court and water closets. An appropriate workplace for tattooing is not in a crowded area, far from the stage at music festivals, far from a playground for children, and far from an area for pets. 
  8. Ensuring that there is no eating or drinking in the tattoo area during the event    
  9. Ensuring that there are no kids or pets in the tattoo work area during the event
  10. Checking Tattoo Artist’s and client’s vaccination records required by a local health department or CDC (Center for Diseases Control)

When providing event-specific consent forms and customer record forms, the following information must be included:

  • Name of Tattoo Artist and Tattoo Artist’s license number
  • Customer’s name, date of birth, address, contact data such as phone number or e-mail address, age
  • Description and location of the tattoo on the customer’s body
  • Signature of the customer or underage client’s parent or legal guardian
  • Signature of the Tattoo Artist
  • Specify the date when you will be performing the tattooing procedure
  • Cost of tattoo and receipt

Additional Steps Include:

  1. Providing Form DH 4146 Written Notarized Consent For Tattooing of a Minor Child, Age 16 through 17 Years Old, for use by each Tattoo Artist intending to tattoo a minor child as specified in section 381.00787, F.S. – Consent form for tattooing minors is valid only when it is filled out and signed by the minor’s parent or legal guardian. Consent forms valid in Florida tattoo establishments should be uploaded from the Florida Health Department website. 
  2. Maintaining copies of all records (customer, employee, and minor consent forms) as defined in Rule 64E-28, Florida Administrative Code, for a minimum of 2 years after the event. You must provide copies of these documents to the event promoter.
  3. You must have a copy of the spore test results. An independent lab has to conduct them, and they should refer the most recent quarter. This is for all self-sterilized instruments that you are using at the event for tattooing. Label each sterile package with the date of autoclaving. 
  4. You must register all surface disinfectants with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as tuberculocidal disinfectants.
  5. A licensed temporary establishment shall meet the operational requirements per Rule 64E-28.008 (1), Florida Administrative Code.

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Tattoo Studio in Florida? 

You will need the necessary tattoo equipment and supplies to start your own business in the tattoo industry. Their prices often depend on the quality. For example, tattoo machines’ prices vary from $300 to even a few thousand dollars. We made a tattoo machine guide for beginning Tattoo Artists for reference.

As for legal documents, variations exist from state to state. You can learn about tattoo licensing and tattoo business fees in Florida above. You’ll need things like a rough business plan, insurance policy, employer identification number, shop employment policies and procedures, operating agreements, and more in the US. The number of employees and/or Tattoo Artists increases the monthly costs of running a tattoo shop, yet these ideally increase income as well. As a beginning tattoo shop owner, you might need to spend some money on digital marketing and public relations to reach out to new clients. Your expenditures will be rewarded in the long run. 

Tattoo Apprenticeship Florida

Is Owning a Tattoo Shop Profitable Business?

Well, it depends on you. Research shows that if you are already an established Tattoo Artist,  you can recoup all your expenses in a reasonable timeframe. On average, Florida-established tattooists earn upwards of $50,000 a year in their first year. So yes, if you hustle to get your earnings high, save along the way, and plan for long-term success, then yet it can be a profitable business.

How to start a tattoo business? The first step to take is always to secure a tattoo apprenticeship. Our tattoo schools and tattoo apprenticeship programs are located in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Tampa, New Haven, and Philadelphia

Are you a parent of an aspiring tattoo artist trying to support their dream? Remember that the first step would be for him/her to become an apprentice. It is super important to not rush the process of starting a business without the proper knowledge. We encourage you to continue to support them down the path of entrepreneurship, but before having a studio, they should gain the experience and training they need to become a Tattoo Artist.

Looking for information for parents of young Tattoo Artists?  Continue reading about parents who want to help their children become Tattoo Artists

Reasons To Choose Body Art & Soul Tattoos

Choosing the right apprenticeship whether you are a young adult or someone looking to change careers and become a tattoo artist is an important process. At Body Art & Soul Tattoos, we Guaranteed all apprentices who complete our full tattoo apprenticeship program, a job offer. We train you with the goal of you being able to start your career in our studio as part of our team of Tattoo Artists.

We understand that after a few years of developing your career as a Tattoo Artist, you may want to open your own studio. Lucky for you, we can help with that as well! If you are serious about a career as a Tattoo Artist, we want to meet you.

Call or Text 1-310-413-0709 to move to the front of the line and interview for an apprenticeship today. 




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