You Couldn’t Have It Any Other Way Lyrics Improve It Yourself

There are a plethora of people that acquire tattoos to show off their passion for music. Music matters a lot to many people, whether we can play it or just have it in our hearts and on our CDs and MP3 devices.

Listening to a favourite music in the appropriate environment may turn a good day into a fantastic one, as well as brighten a terrible one.

Some people are more concerned with how music sounds, while others are more concerned with the lyrics – with poetry no longer being as popular as it once was, people are turning to song lyrics as the closest thing we have.

Of course, popular song lyrics do not have to be poetic. It may be argued that this would be a disadvantage for many people.

Britney Spears’ controversial track “If You Seek Amy” was one of the most popular lyrics to get tattooed on one’s skin in 2014.

This series of sounds, when spoken quickly, creates a very indecent invitation, which has led to many people considering it as a suitable tattoo. Others would choose a lyric that was more personal in nature, with “Above Us Only Sky” from John Lennon’s “Imagine” being a popular choice.

For a variety of reasons, a song phrase might be an excellent tattoo.

The performer may be an inspiration to us, or the lyric may be a representation of something we truly believe in or have experienced.