Tattoo No-Nos – For Both You And The Tattoo Artist

When it comes to having a tattoo, there are some boundaries that neither you nor the tattoo artist should cross. These are in place to preserve people’s health, dignity, and decency, and breaking them will only result in disaster.

The following are some facts about tattoo art’s no- no’s.

When getting a tattoo, make sure the artist is trustworthy. There is a potential that blood will seep through the skin, which is almost unavoidable.

A good artist will wipe this away as soon as they see it for reasons of sanitation and health.

Getting a tattoo on your face may seem like a fun thing to do at the time, but be aware that in many countries, most tattoo artists will refuse to perform it unless you can convince them that you are prepared to deal with the consequences.

Many businesses, especially in public-facing positions, may simply refuse to hire someone with a facial tattoo. No, you should not judge someone solely on the basis of their appearance. Nonetheless, people do it.

Tattoos on the hands and feet are equally unpopular with tattoo artists, but for different reasons, despite the fact that hand tattoos are also extremely visible and a tattoo artist does not want to be the reason for your job loss.

The other reason is that our hands and feet go through a lot of activity, and that work might cause the tattoo to rub off during the three-month time between getting a tattoo and it fully healing.

It would be bad if it peeled off in one piece, but it comes off in chunks and looks terrible.