Sometimes imagining a different tattoo can be beneficial

Don’t blame the messenger for delivering bad news, but partnerships don’t always work out. This is regrettable for all parties at the time, but it is also a fact of life.

So, if you’re head over heels in love, it could be tempting to get their name tattooed on you, but if things go bad, you might regret your decision.

In any case, there are other ways to immortalise your love in ink. A symbol that depicts how that person makes you feel might also be effective.

A star, to show that that individual shines brilliantly for you, is a wonderful example, and there are many others.

If the relationship fails – and no one ever hopes for that – at least you won’t have to explain a tattoo with someone else’s name when you fall in love again.

It’s also enticing to get a heart tattooed on your body with the initials of the person it’s dedicated to a lot of the time. This, too, can cause issues.

Even if things go well in the relationship, there are alternative scenarios in which you could wind up with someone else, so it’s crucial to consider how the tattoo might come back to haunt you.

A modest, cryptic, and unique tattoo will be all the more meaningful, and could spare you from the anger of a future partner and/or costly removal surgery.

But if you’re dead set on getting that tattoo, no one is going to stop you.