Obtain a Clear Tattoo Concept

Many people acquire tattoos without giving much thought to what they want.

They’ll go to a tattoo parlour and lie down after telling the artist what they want, and once the ink is applied, they’ll often sit forwards for a closer look and be horrified by what they see.

The most essential takeaway from these people’s stories is that a tattoo is permanent, and obtaining one that looks horrible will follow you for a long time.

Because the chances of permanent deformity are great, you should be very clear about what you want the tattoo to look like.

You should either create or print out an image of what you want tattooed on you before entering a tattoo studio.

This eliminates the possibility of misinterpretation, which may happen all too readily, especially if you request something a little more esoteric or complex than typical.

It also provides the artist something to work with, much as how oil and canvas artists frequently work from images.

Tattoos can be expensive, and the more detailed ones can look fantastic or horrifying. To avoid being in the second group, you must have a definite idea and be able to communicate it properly.

It’s best if you have as many instances as possible. Also, if you want a tattoo that is entirely text, such as a song or book quote, write it down and spell it out precisely.

In an e-mail to a friend, typos are OK, but on your skin, they are not.