Incorporating Thought Into Your Tattoo

Most tattoo parlours in the Western World have undoubtedly been dealing with generally identical requests from their customers for years, and you can understand that this might get tedious after a while.

It’s not unexpected that there’s an undercurrent of thought that tattoos are merely a means of following the crowd, with the old standby designs that everyone remembers, adding to the group, the film, or the celebrity who is cool at the time.

A tattoo, on the other hand, may be great to look at and a true conversation starter with a little thinking on the part of the wearer.

This is why, before you go near a tattoo parlour, you should give some thought to the design. Do you want to be the third person today to get a popular cartoon character, or do you want to give them an opportunity to design something different?

Don’t go overboard — a massive tableau depicting the history of human civilisation may take a long time to complete and yet appear half-finished. However, something unique and fashionable might make the job worthwhile.

Consider something unique about yourself or something you enjoy. Then come up with something related to it that you truly appreciate – ideally something that isn’t too typical of the tattoos that everyone else is getting.

If you can draw, do a rough sketch or print something from the Internet. Make an effort to stand out from the crowd by opting for a unique look.