Does It Hurt? – The First Eternal Timer’s Conundrum

People who have never had a tattoo before typically question if the procedure will be painful before they sit down to get it done.

In fact, fear of pain and needles are two of the most common reasons why people refuse to have tattoos.

“Did it hurt much?” is usually typically the first question someone who has never had a tattoo asks while looking at another person’s tattoo. The answer to this issue is not simple; for starters, it depends on the individual.

First and first, how do you define “a lot”? Getting a tattoo, for the most part, is no more unpleasant than having your hair brushed by someone else.

It hurts less than being scratched by a cat but more than a light swipe with a bristled brush. The discomfort is more than bearable if you genuinely want the tattoo.

Of course, the needles used to inject the ink beneath the epidermis are sharp, but they’re also very short. It’s not like you’re getting a succession of shots.

Of course, not everyone will be affected by the above. Everyone’s pain threshold is different, and we all have our Achilles heel. If you cut yourself shaving, some people who push weights for a living will wince for an hour.

Some people with several piercings, even in sensitive regions, are put off by the prospect of having a child. Different things inflict too much pain on different people, and in the end, it comes down to how much you value the finished product.